29 July, 2020

Achievements and challenges of Cuba Decide in the second quarter of 2020

Thanks to the efforts of many, our national and global initiative manages to grow despite these unprecedented conditions. As COVID-19 has forced a change in our lives, work dynamics and even shut the borders of countries around the world, the promoters of Cuba Decide have intensified our efforts to combat repression and injustice directed against the Cuban people at the hands of the regime. In the last quarter, we have adapted our work to be able to operate safely in […]
29 July, 2020

President Trump meets with Rosa María Payá

Last Friday, July 10, 2020, the promoter of Cuba Decide, Rosa María Payá asked the President Trump to directly help the Cuban people and designate the Communist party, the G2 and the Cuban military as a terrorist organization.
29 July, 2020

The Hemisphere Responds: IACHR

On Wednesday, June 25, 2020, Cuban pro-democracy activist Rosa María Payá, conducted a live conversation with Commissioner Stuardo Ralón Orellana, rapporteur for Cuba of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). The conversation pertained to the publication of the first Country Report on the Communist Island in the last 37 years. The dialogue took place in real time, as part of the virtual panel in “The Hemisphere Responds: A Conversation with the IACHR.” Among this panel were the Argentine academic […]
29 July, 2020

Ferrer’s Medal

Human rights defender, and promoter of Cuba Decide, José Daniel Ferrer was awarded the Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom by the United States government. This medal not only serves as praise for Ferrer’s work, but also for the brave work of Cuban citizens on the Island and abroad whose sole mission is to demand a free and fair government that encourages its people to thrive, rather than a dictatorship that silences dissenting opinions. Along with this medal, the United States publicly urges […]
29 July, 2020

Webinar with the Cuban American Bar Association

Promoter of Cuba Decide, Rosa Maria Payá was a featured speaker in the CABA webinar “The New Plaza Civica in Cuba: The Role of Social Media and Digital Platforms.” The webinar explored concepts of freedom of expression, association and of the press in Cuba in the context of increasingly important digital spaces. The webinar went into detail about Law Decree 370, among other laws, and its impact on freedom of expression in Cuba and how it furthers the regime’s oppressive […]
29 July, 2020

Interview with #Forum2000online

In this interview, Rosa Maria Payá goes into depth about how it is nearly impossible for the recommendations for hygiene maintenance to be followed, as the supply of tap water is insufficient and some citizens are not able to wash their hands for seven days in a row. Food shortage is severe and small businesses are subject to persecution, police violence, and high fines. She also articulates that the official numbers of COVID-19 cases being released by the Cuban government are only a small percentage of the total cases. Further, Ms. Payá discusses how Cuba’s economy was already in a crisis before pandemic. The fundamental economic […]
17 July, 2020

Live interview with María Corina Machado

Pro-democracy activists Rosa María Payá and María Corina Machado discussed the very serious human rights situation that Cuba and Venezuela are experiencing today. They also discussed other countries in the Americas that have already been taken over or are under constant attack by the world’s anti-democratic forces, specifically the military regime that has been in power in Cuba for more than six decades, where the historical root of totalitarian evil certainly resides throughout the region.
30 March, 2020

Rosa María Payá’s meetings with the Vice President and the Chancellor of Paraguay

On March 2, Rosa María Payá, promoter of Cuba Decide, held a formal meeting with the Vice President of Paraguay Hugo Velázquez, who assured her that country firmly maintains  their position as a defender of democracy in the Americas. Thereafter, Ms. Payá met with the Paraguayan Foreign Minister to denounce Cuban interference in the internal affairs of countries such as Bolivia, Chile and Colombia.
30 March, 2020

Rosa María Payá meets with the President and Vice-President of Uruguay

The promoter of Cuba Decide, Rosa María Payá, daughter of Oswaldo Payá, visited the Uruguayan government, to meet with the vice-president, Beatriz Argimón and “exchange proposals on how to align Uruguay to a regional strategy to defend democracy, the State of the Right, solidarity with the Cuban people and with the Venezuelan people and also for the defense of security, stability, peace throughout the hemisphere,” she told the press before meeting Argimón. She asked the future Executive of Luis Lacalle […]