29 July, 2020

Interview with #Forum2000online

In this interview, Rosa Maria Payá goes into depth about how it is nearly impossible for the recommendations for hygiene maintenance to be followed, as the supply of tap water is insufficient and some citizens are not able to wash their hands for seven days in a row. Food shortage is severe and small businesses are subject to persecution, police violence, and high fines. She also articulates that the official numbers of COVID-19 cases being released by the Cuban government are only a small percentage of the total cases. Further, Ms. Payá discusses how Cuba’s economy was already in a crisis before pandemic. The fundamental economic […]
17 July, 2020

Live interview with María Corina Machado

Pro-democracy activists Rosa María Payá and María Corina Machado discussed the very serious human rights situation that Cuba and Venezuela are experiencing today. They also discussed other countries in the Americas that have already been taken over or are under constant attack by the world’s anti-democratic forces, specifically the military regime that has been in power in Cuba for more than six decades, where the historical root of totalitarian evil certainly resides throughout the region.
30 March, 2020

Rosa María Payá’s meetings with the Vice President and the Chancellor of Paraguay

On March 2, Rosa María Payá, promoter of Cuba Decide, held a formal meeting with the Vice President of Paraguay Hugo Velázquez, who assured her that country firmly maintains  their position as a defender of democracy in the Americas. Thereafter, Ms. Payá met with the Paraguayan Foreign Minister to denounce Cuban interference in the internal affairs of countries such as Bolivia, Chile and Colombia.
30 March, 2020

Rosa María Payá meets with the President and Vice-President of Uruguay

The promoter of Cuba Decide, Rosa María Payá, daughter of Oswaldo Payá, visited the Uruguayan government, to meet with the vice-president, Beatriz Argimón and “exchange proposals on how to align Uruguay to a regional strategy to defend democracy, the State of the Right, solidarity with the Cuban people and with the Venezuelan people and also for the defense of security, stability, peace throughout the hemisphere,” she told the press before meeting Argimón. She asked the future Executive of Luis Lacalle […]
30 March, 2020

Rosa María Payá meets with the constitutional president of Bolivia

Rosa María Payá, promoter of Cuba Decide, met with Bolivia’s constitucional president, Jeanine Añez, to discuss “regional solidarity to rescue democracy” and thanked her for denouncing “the criminal interference of Castroism” in Bolivia. She also met with Bolivia’s presidential delegate to the international community, Jorge Quiroga, who joined the call to demand Ferrer’s freedom. “On behalf of all the democrats in Bolivia, we demand the release of Ferrer. A worthy man, who fights for democracy and is subjected to the torture […]
30 March, 2020

Cuban activists blocked from attending EU meeting

A delegation from Cuba were invited to the European Parliament, but they didn’t all make it. Cuban authorities prevented them from leaving the island, holding them at Havana airport. The delegation were in Brussels to propose what the EU could do to help promote human rights and democracy in Cuba. Among the guests was Rosa María Paya, daughter of the famous Cuban activist Osvaldo Payá, who died eight years ago in an accident. He had received an award from the […]
30 March, 2020

José Daniel Ferrer is “unrecognizable,” his family says after visiting him in prison

A week before José Daniel’s release, his family was able to visit him and they found that the state of his physical health was critical. At that time, the court had not yet issued a sentence. Wife and sons of José Daniel Ferrer García have claimed, “he is unrecognizable,” after visiting him on Friday in the prison of Aguadores. “My dad must weigh about 70 kilograms, he is unrecognizable, he looks very impaired, his acidity, stomach pains and his conditions […]
30 March, 2020

EU-Cuba agreement under pressure as it approaches ratification

The agreement between the European Union (EU) and Cuba is approaching its final ratification, and Cuban activists call for its suspension due to repeated “human rights violations”. Since the provisional implementation of the agreement on November 1, 2017, “the political and human rights situation has worsened dramatically,” us diplomacy chief Mike Pompeo said in a letter to the Lithuanian Prime Minister, Pompeo called on Vilnius to “continue without ratifying” the pact to support “the hope of freedom, democracy and (…) […]
30 March, 2020

Achievements and challenges of Cuba Decide in the first quarter of 2020

In January, promoters from Cuba Decide launched a successful social media campaign called “100 days, 100 voices” with the aim of raising awareness and demanding the release of José Daniel Ferrer and the activists jailed with him. A monumental victory has been the successful completion of forcing the regime to release José Daniel Ferrer, Roilan Zárraga Ferrer, José Pupo Chaveco and Fernando González Vailant. On Friday April 3, Ferrer arrived at his home in Santiago de Cuba. The regime imposed […]