26 March, 2020

Promoters of Cuba Decide report the violations against José Daniel Ferrer to the IACHR

The Citizen Report Center of the Foundation for Pan American Democracy, in collaboration with other organizations and individuals promoting the citizens’ initiative Cuba Decide, will present before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS. The coalition will address the sharpening of the patterns of persecution and harassment against activists and their families on the island, and the specific case of cruelty against José Daniel Ferrer by the authorities of the dictatorship. WHAT: The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has […]
3 December, 2019

Anti-communist protests

November 8th, Washington DC The members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), with the support of their relatives, Cubans in the United States, Latin Americans exiled by dictatorial governments and civil society in general, demanded the release of José Daniel Ferrer and all political prisoners in a rally outside the Embassy of the Cuban regime in Washington DC. On the occasion of his arbitrary detention and the brutal torture at the hands of the regime of Raúl Castro and […]
3 December, 2019

Goal for Cuba Decide!

“Castro leave, let Cuba Decide !! Promoters and activists of #CubaDecide ? demand the end of Castroism in a #Cuba Football Game with the United States. “Castro leave, let Cuba Decide !! #CambioDeSistema #PlebiscitoVinculante Two activists attached a banner to the goal during the USA vs Cuba match demanding “Castro Leave, Cubans Decide”
2 December, 2019

Historical Event: Path Toward Change

Historic meeting of the opposition and the cuban people, together with hemispheric leaders, reaffirming their unity in action for a democratic change and the end of the communist dictatorship in Cuba. “We must start with Cuba, the day we liberate Cuba, (…) it will be a fundamental step to eradicate all the dictatorships in the continent,” said Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS. The call made by the Organization of American States, together with an organizing commission made up […]
27 November, 2019

Proposal by Cuba Decide to the European Union

On November 2019, we were invited to the Congress of the European People’s Party. During the event we were able to talk with government figures from relevant countries that can intercede for the liberation of opposition leaders in Cuba, and also condition the Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the dictatorship on the Island. We managed to get representatives from Croatia, Norway, Austria, Germany, Spain, Lithuania and Sweden to recognize the importance of demanding Ferrer´s freedom, as well as […]
27 November, 2019

Forum 2000

In October 2019 we were invited as speakers to Forum 2000 in Prague, joining there with government representatives and other activists of the whole world. At the forum we denounced the Cuban dictatorship and their constant attacks against human rights of Cuban citizens. After the event, we held meetings with representatives of the Dutch government and with members of the European Parliament, who received our complaints and calls for action on the arbitrary imprisonment of opposition leader José Daniel Ferrer […]
17 October, 2019

Julio Borges denounces dictatorship in Venezuela is the Cuban dictatorship

The “foreign relations commissioner” of Juan Guaidó, Julio Borges, asked on Wednesday that the countries that will participate in the UN General Assembly increase “even more” the pressure against the dictatorships of Nicolás Maduro and Cuba. “We formally want (…) to ask Europe and the entire free world, within the framework of the General Assembly of the United Nations, to assume with great force the need to further press the dome of the dictatorship,” Borges said in a conference. of […]
16 October, 2019

Non-violent protest on September 8

Promoters of Cuba Decide and members of UNPACU called for solidarity and resistance, given the constant repression of the dictatorship. They summoned citizens on the Island and abroad to carry a sunflower on Sunday September 8, as a demonstration of freedom by exercising the human right of peaceful demonstration. Link to the call: In the city of Miami, the call was at the Ermita de la Caridad. More than 200 people from the Cuban and the international community gathered […]
16 October, 2019

Repression in Cuba

128+ detained for expressing their right to manifest On September 8, leaders summoned Cuban civil society to express their right to express themselves freely by taking to the streets with a sunflower, a non-violent action that called for a meeting and meeting. On the day of the Charity of Copper, the right to date a sunflower was attacked by the dictatorship with arbitrary arrests from Friday 7, dates that coincide with the visit of the High Representative of the European […]