25 February, 2019

Unified call to recognize the illegitimacy of the constitution that is being imposed in Cuba February 25, 2019

The constitutional reform process, that culminated on February 24th, was corrupt from its origin because it was not born of popular consent but comes from a commission formed by the Communist Party of Cuba. This commission is led by General Raul Castro and is composed of members of the National Assembly, none of whom were chosen in free, fair and plural elections by the people of Cuba. The constitutional text is designed to guarantee the power of the Communist Party […]
22 January, 2019

Working Towards a Hemisphere of Freedom: Connecting Democratic Leaders in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela

Authoritarian regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela have led to sociopolitical turmoil, economic disruptions, and human rights abuses. From March 2017 to June 2018, over 800,000 Venezuelans fled to Colombia amid political and economic chaos in Caracas. In Costa Rica, nearly 8,000 asylum claims from Nicaraguans were registered between April and July 2018. As many as 23 percent of all Cubans in the U.S. arrived within the last 8 years. These countries are considered three of the four least “free” […]