28 March, 2021

Rumbo al Cambio: Left, Right, Uppercut

WATCH HERE: On January 27, Cuba Decide hosted its next installment of the Rumbo al Cambio series. This series, “Left, Right, Uppercut,” was an open dialogue between Rosa María Paya and panelists of diverse political standing. This part of the series was dedicated to bringing the views of members of civil society and the Cuban opposition to light. There was also a focus on certain proposals of foreign policy and solidarity from the international community towards the Island extended […]
25 February, 2021

United States reinstates Cuba on their list of countries who engage in state-sponsored terrorism After several pleas to the Obama and Trump administrations, respectively, the United States reinstated Cuba on their list of countries who engage in state-sponsored terrorism as of January 11, 2021. For many years, Rosa María Payá requested the administrations to reincorporate the Cuban regime on this list along with other Cubans.  This reinstatement recognizes the obvious ties the Castros and the military leadership of the regime have with activities related to terrorism, legitimizing the threat they pose to the citizenry […]
25 February, 2021

Cuba Decide Commemorates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On December 10, in commemoration of the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, promoters of Cuba Decide convened for a procession from the Freedom Tower to the Gesu Church in Miami. This event was organized in solidarity with activists who were surrounded by police at the headquarters of the San Isidro Movement and those who are continually harassed by police throughout the country; with the hundreds of young people who demonstrated on November 27th in Havana; with political prisoners; and with all Cubans who demand their right […]
25 February, 2021

Cuba Decide releases video summarizing 2020 mobilization efforts

Cuba Decide released a video summarizing the exponential growth of protests on the Island. Protesters have been raising their voices in opposition to systemic political, civil, economic and social issues affecting our daily lives and in favor of a change in the system. These protests are evidence that the opposition movement and the Cuban people’s desire for change have continued to expand to a point where it cannot be ignored any longer. 
18 February, 2021

Cubans from the Island, and in exile, committed to democracy, send proposals to the White House, the State Department and the United States Congress

“The revision of The United States’ policy towards Cuba must support democracy and free, plural elections without making unilateral concessions, but rather conditioned on irreversible steps towards the recognition of human rights.” With more than 162 proposals received, exclusively on the subject of United States foreign policy towards Cuba, the plural platform, Pasos de Cambio, has published the suggestions of Cuban opposition organizations and civil society, as well as citizens living in the Island and in the diaspora.   A […]
18 February, 2021

No More Repression

With awareness of the Cuban people’s suffering at the hands of the dictatorship and in commemoration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Center for Incident Reports of the Foundation for Pan-American Democracy (FDP) expresses its concern and solidarity with the entire Cuban democratic movement and the relentless work in favor of freedom and democracy. We call upon the nation and the international community to support all individuals and organizations that stand up for their […]
20 November, 2020

Prestigious international religious leaders and organizations demand the release of humanitarian aid

Prestigious international religious leaders and organizations have shown their support for the campaign demanding the release of humanitarian aid collected by the Solidarity Among Brothers initiative. Among them are, the leader of the Baptist World Alliance for the Caribbean, Everton Jackson; the Director of Religious Freedom Programs of the Institute of Religion and Democracy, Faith J. H. McDonnell and Reverend Mateusz Wichary, President of the Polish Baptist Union.
15 October, 2020

Transatlantic Conference: Cuba in Crisis

On September 24th, the Conferencia Transatlántica: Cuba en Crisis took place live via Facebook to discuss the crisis that Cuba is going through, as well as the urgent actions that the European Parliament can take to pressure the regime and alleviate the seriousness of the Cuban situation.
15 October, 2020

Testimonies of human rights violations in Cuba

The activist and scientist Ariel Ruíz Urquiola and promoter of Cuba Decide Yunier Suarez were able to share their testimonies of the various human rights violations they and others have experienced at the hands of the dictatorship in Cuba with MEP José Ramón Bauzá via Facebook live, further making it known that Cuba is in Crisis to the international community.