Ferrer’s Medal

Webinar with the Cuban American Bar Association
29 July, 2020
The Hemisphere Responds: IACHR
29 July, 2020

Human rights defender, and promoter of Cuba Decide, José Daniel Ferrer was awarded the Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom by the United States government. This medal not only serves as praise for Ferrer’s work, but also for the brave work of Cuban citizens on the Island and abroad whose sole mission is to demand a free and fair government that encourages its people to thrive, rather than a dictatorship that silences dissenting opinions. Along with this medal, the United States publicly urges the Cuban government to release José Daniel Ferrer from his four-and-a-half-year house arrest sentence, as well as all political prisoners.

Official communication: https://www.state.gov/jose-daniel-ferrer-receives-the-truman-reagan-medal-of-freedom-award/