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27 June, 2023

Achievements of the campaign in the month of June

Cuba Decides not to stop, just as well as not to stop the struggle of the Cuban people to achieve freedom and system change. In the last month the campaign has accumulated significant achievements in putting pressure on the Cuban regime, some of these achievements are the following: Together with the Secretary General of the #OAS (Luis Almagro), the US Ambassador to the OAS (Frank Mora) and Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Robert F. Kennedy), we present in Washington the verdict […]
1 March, 2023

Bipartisan group of representatives introduce a bill to rename the street of the Cuban embassy in honor of Oswaldo Payá

We are happy to announce that, on the anniversary of the birth of Oswaldo Payá, a bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives reintroduced the bill that renames the street where the embassy of the Cuban dictatorship is located as “Oswaldo Payá Way”. Below we reproduce the official communication from the office of Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart, who heads the group of sponsors of the project together with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Carlos A. Gimenez, Nicole Malliotakis and Maria Elvira Salazar. March 1, 2023, […]
20 October, 2022


After decades of freedom-less lives under totalitarian rule, the Cuba Decide Plebiscite is a citizen-led initiative fundamentally asking the Cuban people a rational judgment question: Do you want to be free? “Yes” or “No.” Who can possibly object to such a question? The answer should enlighten us all. By José Azel l We take it for granted that all peoples aspire to be free, but the idea of individual freedoms is not universally accepted. Believers of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes […]