Cuba Decide calls on all Cubans and their allies to take action in favor of democratic changes on the Island.

This is not only an invitation but also an urgent call to action, in order to turn each Cuban, as well as each advocate of a free Cuba, into agents of change and to become a part of a much-needed solution. We acknowledge the deterioration of our society and the trauma experienced by our people over the many generations that we have been living without any rights. We offer a strategy to overcome the affliction. We know that our healing hinges on our ability to transform ourselves and our reality and work together to make Cuba a society of free citizens with equal opportunities. Let us use our voices and the power that we share in unity to change the system. Let us build a country where we can pursue happiness in a true democracy. In a Cuba for, and with, all Cubans.

The changes are in our own hands.

Join us!


We are working towards a prosperous and happy Cuba, where all citizens are equal under the law and have equal access to opportunities for improvement. We want a democracy where human rights are respected, where individuals can freely run for office, and where we can freely elect whom we choose.

We want Cuba to be a home, free of fear and hypocrisy, for all of its people. Where, through individual creativity and hard work, we can realize our own dreams. Where, by working together, we can build excellent healthcare and education systems.

Where attaining an honorable and acceptable living wage and dignified housing is possible for all. We want a strong, viable nation that is open to everyone and where all of our citizens have the right to return if they so choose.


20 November, 2020

Prestigious international religious leaders and organizations demand the release of humanitarian aid

Prestigious international religious leaders and organizations have shown their support for the campaign demanding the release of humanitarian aid collected by the Solidarity Among Brothers initiative. Among them are, the leader of the Baptist World Alliance for the Caribbean, Everton Jackson; the Director of Religious Freedom Programs of the Institute of Religion and Democracy, Faith J. H. McDonnell and Reverend Mateusz Wichary, President of the Polish Baptist Union.
15 October, 2020

Transatlantic Conference: Cuba in Crisis

On September 24th, the Conferencia Transatlántica: Cuba en Crisis took place live via Facebook to discuss the crisis that Cuba is going through, as well as the urgent actions that the European Parliament can take to pressure the regime and alleviate the seriousness of the Cuban situation.
15 October, 2020

Testimonies of human rights violations in Cuba

The activist and scientist Ariel Ruíz Urquiola and promoter of Cuba Decide Yunier Suarez were able to share their testimonies of the various human rights violations they and others have experienced at the hands of the dictatorship in Cuba with MEP José Ramón Bauzá via Facebook live, further making it known that Cuba is in Crisis to the international community.