Interview with #Forum2000online

Live interview with María Corina Machado
17 July, 2020
Webinar with the Cuban American Bar Association
29 July, 2020

In this interview, Rosa Maria Payá goes into depth about how it is nearly impossible for the recommendations for hygiene maintenance to be followed, as the supply of tap water is insufficient and some citizens are not able to wash their hands for seven days in a row. Food shortage is severe and small businesses are subject to persecution, police violence, and high fines. She also articulates that the official numbers of COVID-19 cases being released by the Cuban government are only a small percentage of the total cases. Further, Ms. Payá discusses how Cuba’s economy was already in a crisis before pandemic. The fundamental economic activity of the Cuban dictatorship is of criminal origin, including the human trafficking and exploitation of Cuban doctors under the guise of medical missions.