We have not had free elections for almost 70 years in Cuba. Too many generations have been deprived of their rights.

It’s time:
Cuba wants to change. Cubans deserve to be free citizens with equal opportunities for all.

It’s time to put an end to a tyranny in which:

  • The police can arrest anyone that expresses a different opinion.
  • The state pays you in one currency, but it charges you for necessities in another currency that does not circulate on the island.
  • The most frequent complaint by people is hunger.
  • It is not possible to leave or enter the island legally without asking for state permission.
  • Religious persecution is a common practice. For example, Jews cannot use their headdresses in public.

Enough! Cuba should be for all Cubans.

Our Vision

We are working towards a prosperous and happy Cuba, where all citizens are equal under the law and have equal access to opportunities for improvement. A democracy in which our right to choose, and be chosen, is respected.
Cuba must be the home for all Cubans. Cuba must be the land where we can fight to fulfill our dreams. A nation that opens its doors to the whole world, where no one is persecuted or exiled for their beliefs.
If you decide, Cuba decides, Cuba Decide!

Join us!


Cuba Decide is a citizen initiative that works to change Cuba’s political system and the rule of law.
We are Cubans on the island and around the world along with international friends who together work tirelessly to achieve a peaceful change. The threats made by the regime will not paralyze us. Fear does not dominate us. We fight for a democratic Cuba and we are closer than ever to achieving that goal.

Cuba Decide is a non-profit, non-partisan and plural organization.


Peaceful mobilization of Cubans and the international community, putting pressure so that the people can live in a democratic system and be free.
Inform, involve, and mobilize Cubans on the island and in the Diaspora.


What do we propose?
A binding plebiscite to start the transition towards democracy.

Because we have the right to choose in which system we prefer to live and because we want to change the failed system that the regime has imposed all these years.

What for?
So that we, the Cubans, can make our dreams come true with creativity and our own work. So that we can build public health and educational systems of excellence and have the possibility to obtain decent housing and wages through our own effort.