Repression in Cuba

European Union Meeting
16 October, 2019
Manifestación del 8 de septiembre
16 October, 2019

128+ detained for expressing their right to manifest

On September 8, leaders summoned Cuban civil society to express their right to express themselves freely by taking to the streets with a sunflower, a non-violent action that called for a meeting and meeting.

On the day of the Charity of Copper, the right to date a sunflower was attacked by the dictatorship with arbitrary arrests from Friday 7, dates that coincide with the visit of the High Representative of the European Union to the Island, Federica Mogherini.

Xiomara Cruz Miranda health attack

Violent detentions, disappearances and torture.

Since September 8 repression has increased and attacks on civil society become worse sentences for the lives in danger of leaders such as José Daniel Ferrer, Fernando González, José Pupo Chaveco and Roilán Zarraga Ferrer, among many citizens who also They have joined the demonstrations demanding their right to comment.

Promotores de Cuba Decide have convened and expressed themselves in different types of protests in cities around the world and in Cuba to demand the immediate release of Ferrer and political prisoners on the Island.

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DC protest: