Julio Borges denounces dictatorship in Venezuela is the Cuban dictatorship

Proclama: Día De Las Víctimas Del Comunismo En América
17 October, 2019
Proclamation: Day Of The Victims Of Communism In the Americas
17 October, 2019

The “foreign relations commissioner” of Juan Guaidó, Julio Borges, asked on Wednesday that the countries that will participate in the UN General Assembly increase “even more” the pressure against the dictatorships of Nicolás Maduro and Cuba.

“We formally want (…) to ask Europe and the entire free world, within the framework of the General Assembly of the United Nations, to assume with great force the need to further press the dome of the dictatorship,” Borges said in a conference. of press, in Bogotá.

“That pressure must also include, in our way of seeing, in our way of thinking, Cuba. Cuba is the center of gravity of what is happening in Venezuela, it is the true dictatorial government in Venezuela,” he added.

Borges, who also serves as a representative of Guaidó before the Lima Group, asked the Latin American nations to pressure Cuba and try to make Russia and China – the three main allies of Maduro – move away from the Chavista dictator.

“China and Russia must come at a time to decide what matters most: their relationship with Maduro or their relationship with Latin America,” he said.

The call of the representative of Guaidó, recognized by fifty nations as interim president of Venezuela, was sustained in the allegations made by countries such as Colombia that the Maduro administration protects groups considered as “terrorists” by the United States and Europe, as the guerrilla of the ELN.

“Venezuela is a State that is formally protecting, promoting, terrorism and drug trafficking, with a very clear look that is to destabilize the entire region,” he said.

Colombian President Iván Duque has said he will denounce Maduro before the OAS General Assembly, which begins Tuesday in New York, for protecting “terrorists.”

Maduro, who will not attend the meeting, denies the accusations and attributes them to a supposed excuse from Bogotá to initiate an armed confrontation.

Borges considered it “a clear opportunity” to pressure Maduro, against whom there are US economic sanctions, to persecute “front men” and relatives of Chavez leaders who, according to him, take refuge in European and American countries with money from Venezuelans.

“There are still many formulas to pressure the hierarchy of the regime, both civil and military,” he said.

Guaidó said over the weekend that he will have delegates in the General Assembly to denounce that “irregular groups” of Colombia act in Venezuela under the Maduro regime, including the ELN and dissidents of the former FARC guerrillas.

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