No More Repression

Cuba Decide conmemora la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos
14 February, 2021
No Más Represión
18 February, 2021

With awareness of the Cuban people’s suffering at the hands of the dictatorship and in commemoration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Center for Incident Reports of the Foundation for Pan-American Democracy (FDP) expresses its concern and solidarity with the entire Cuban democratic movement and the relentless work in favor of freedom and democracy.

Dra. Nelva Ortega y José Daniel Ferrer

We call upon the nation and the international community to support all individuals and organizations that stand up for their rights and face the violence from repressive bodies of the dictatorship on the Island.    We demand the immediate cessation of arrests, robberies and police enforcement against the headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) in Santiago de Cuba. José Daniel Ferrer and his wife, Dr. Nelva Ortega, are on hunger strike in protest. We support their right to assist their neighbors most in need of food and other resources.   We hold Raúl Castro, Miguel Díaz-Canel and Lázaro Alberto Álvarez Casas, the leaders of the Communist Party, responsible along with the presidency and the Ministry of the Interior respectively, for the physical condition and the lives of all the members of the Ferrer family and the activists associated with them.  

  • No More Repression against Cuban citizens who work non-violently and aspire for a better future for themselves, their families and country.
  • No More Repression against Cubans on and off the island who show “solidarity among brothers” to provide humanitarian aid and face daily difficulties.
  • No More Repression against groups, organizations and movements in Cuba that seek to help their fellow citizens and promote respect for human rights.

  During 2020, the FDP Center for Incident Reports alone recorded 714 incidents with a total of 926 victims. Among the most persecuted are activists from UNPACU promoters of Cuba Decide and members of Damas de Blanco. The harassment of unaffiliated citizens, activists, artists and independent journalists is alarming. We reject the use of violence from the regime against them and against members of other opposition organizations such as: the Mov. San Isidro (MSI), the Mov. Oppositionists for a New Republic (MOPNR), the Mov. Citizen Consensus, the 27N, the Christian Mov. Liberation (MCL), the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba (ASIC), the Cuban Women’s Network, the PLB Party for Democracy, the Citizens Committee for Racial Integration (CIR), the Patmos Institute and many others.   Stop the abuse, repression, misgovernment, and arbitrary actions against Cuban citizens!    

Raise your voice to stop the impunity of the regime!

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