We can all agree that the Cuban people should be free to decide their future. Cuba Decide aims to achieve this through a binding plebiscite – a direct vote from the public – in Cuba in order to answer the following question: 

Are you in agreement with the convening of free, fair and plural elections that exercise freedom of expression and of the press, and organizing freely in political parties and social organizations with total plurality? Yes or no?

In order to introduce this question to the citizens, a tremendous effort to mobilize people is underway. The complete mobilization of an entire nation requires an atmosphere of trust. Our movement works to build that trust by implementing non-violent tactics and utilizing communication channels that, although heavily censored in Cuba, are necessary to extend our message to citizens.

Who? The Citizens of Cuba

Change will not arrive unless the Cuban people demand it. If not us, who?

Where? In Cuba and Beyond

In Cuba, the objective of Cuba Decide is to inform the citizens about this initiative and generate support for it. This can be accomplished only by spreading information and training our promoters that share this information about our campaign for the whole Island. Our campaign was recognized as one of the initiatives of the Segundo Encuentro Nacional Cubano that took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. During this meeting, representatives from over 65 Cuban opposition groups on and off the Island agreed to work toward the campaign of a plebiscite and showed support for that course of action. This was an unprecedented demonstration of solidarity and cohesion among Cubans, and our campaign continues to gain support with emphasis on Cubans inside and outside the Island.

The international campaign, a critical component of our efforts, has been to expand awareness to all of Europe and Latin America to consolidate a coalition of promoters of the Cuba Decide initiative.

When? NOW
If not now, when?

The Cuban people need our support at this time more than ever. The time is NOW! The change is in our hands.