Achievements of the campaign in the month of June

Logros de la campaña en el mes de junio
27 June, 2023
12 September, 2023

Cuba Decides not to stop, just as well as not to stop the struggle of the Cuban people to achieve freedom and system change. In the last month the campaign has accumulated significant achievements in putting pressure on the Cuban regime, some of these achievements are the following:

  • Together with the Secretary General of the #OAS (Luis Almagro), the US Ambassador to the OAS (Frank Mora) and Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Robert F. Kennedy), we present in Washington the verdict of the Inter-American Commission that blames the regime for the murders of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero
  • We made a public intervention in front of the embassy for the name change in honor of Oswaldo Payá.
  • Rosa María gave the most powerful speech in the OAS General Assembly forum, denouncing the regime for the murder and demanding that the states of the Americas take action against the regime for the political prisoners and for its interference in Cuba and Venezuela.
  • Cuba Decide and the Youth Network held a vigil for all political prisoners in front of the OAS
  • Secretary of State Blinken denounced the murder of Oswaldo Payá at the OAS, pointing to the report of the Inter-American Commission. (Video)
  • Cuba Decide and the Foundation for Human Rights announced their latest victory in Europe: a resolution in the Council of Europe calling on European states to withdraw from the PDCA