The only way out of the crisis is to get rid of the dictatorship.

Exdiplomático de EE. UU. que colaboró con el régimen cubano enfrenta demanda por la viuda de disidente asesinado.
29 February, 2024
La salida de la crisis es la salida de la dictadura
18 March, 2024

In the last few hours, hundreds of thousands of Cubans in more than 10 cities and towns across the country have peacefully taken to the streets demanding freedom and a change in the system. It is time for the world’s democracies to stand on the side of the Cuban people.

The situation is critical; The regime has plunged the Cuban people into a deep humanitarian crisis, marked by hunger, systemic failures in practically all public services, from health to transportation and energy. The absolute ineptitude and negligence of the State, political repression and violence prevail. The regime holds more than 1,000 political prisoners hostage under conditions of torture. The opposition leader José Daniel Ferrer has been missing inside the prison since November 28, 2023.

Considering the constant and serious human rights abuses of the Cuban regime and the intensification of political repression in the midst of the current humanitarian crisis, we request the following actions:

Create an international effort—a coalition of nations—in support of the Cuban people’s call for freedom, with the goal to denounce the illegitimacy of the Cuban regime and support the Cuban people to regain their sovereignty, supporting the people’s roadmap.

  1. We, Cubans, are prepared to carry out a democratic transition.
  2. The international community must halt all the consequences of the dictatorship and demand the unconditional release of all political prisoners; an end to repression; respect for the law and the practice of freedom of expression, association (including independent political parties), public assembly, and economic freedom.

Stop the impunity, hold the regime accountable for its abuses:

  • Targeted sanctions: Impose individual political, financial, and diplomatic sanctions on regime leaders, their family members, and all those involved in serious human rights abuses. Use all available tools to influence those in positions to make the decisions necessary to accept the people’s call for a transition to democracy.
  • Sullivan Principles: Using the South African experience, require companies still doing business with the Cuban Regime to mandatorily embrace the Global Sullivan Principles, so companies work together to respect human rights and do not engage in enriching the rulers.
  • Hemispheric leadership for peace: Invite the European Union and OAS members to take similar steps to hold the regime accountable. Use all available tools, including EU Global Human Rights Sanctions and the Interamerican Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, to address the threat posed by the Cuban regime.

Cuba Decide
is a national and global initiative focused on mobilizing Cubans and the international community to generate the necessary pressure for the regime to give in to the sovereign will of the citizens and start the transition process. Our roadmap consists of 4 stages for the transition, and we request the international community to demand the following in support of the Cuban people:

1. Recognition of Human Rights and Fundamental Guarantees: Acknowledge and ensure the protection of human rights and essential guarantees for all individuals in Cuba. This includes safeguarding freedom of expression, assembly, association, and civil liberties.

2. Binding Plebiscite for System Change: Conduct a binding plebiscite implementing electoral and transparency guarantees so that the people can express themselves and decide sovereignly on the change to a democratic and multiparty system.

3. Transition Process: Initiate a transition process that establishes democratic institutions, upholds the rule of law, and ensures a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.

4. Free and Multi-Party Elections: As Oswaldo Payá said, we are asking you to “take sides with the Cuban people, with all Cubans, and this means supporting respect for all their rights so that our people may be given a voice through the ballot box.”