Parliamentarians from Europe, the United States and Canada found a forum to denounce the illegitimacy of the Cuban regime and demand the release of political prisoners, among other measures.

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20 July, 2021
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9 December, 2021
The Parliamentarians gathered at the Transatlantic Forum for a Free Cuba pledged to influence the governments and institutions to which they belong to support the Cuban people in their demand for freedom, interrupt the financing of the repressive machinery, and apply sanctions to those responsible for serious human rights violations. 
Miami, FL. This Saturday, November 20, 2021, legislators from the European Parliament and the congresses of Spain, Holland, Canada and the United States founded the Transatlantic Forum for a Free Cuba with the participation of many civil society organizations, the opposition and Cuban exile. The event, organized by the Cuba Decide platform, was held in the City Hall of the City of Miami. Representatives of Cuban civil society offered their testimonies to legislators on the human rights violations carried out by the regime against the Cuban people. The opening remarks were given by the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro and Rosa María Payá, founder of the Cuba Decide initiative, who stated that “this Forum intends to coordinate the actions in favor of the freedom of Cuba that are carried out on both sides of the Atlantic”.

Dita Charanzova, vice president of the European Parliament, indicated that “The European Parliament has been very clear: the regime must respect human rights and release all political prisoners. If it does not do so, it must have consequences”. The Canadian senator, Leo Housakos, said “its is long past due for the Cuban people to be heard, to have say in their destiny, to have a say in the future of their children. Until they do, it is up to those of us who aren’t subject to this brutal regime to speak out for those whose voices are being silenced”. Hermann Tertsch MEP added that “this forum of parliamentarians must mobilize parliaments, governments and the media.” Boris Dittrich, Dutch senator said: “We support freedom for everyone, to associate and to express themselves, that is why we demand that all political prisoners be released.”

The US Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart read the Miami Declaration that had the unanimous vote of all the founding legislators of the Transatlantic Forum, among which are the MEPs Jose Ramón Bauzá from Spain, Carlo Fidanza from Italy and David Lega from Sweden; the North American congressmen María Elvira Salazar and Carlos Gimenez; and the Spanish deputies Valentina Martínez and Víctor Gonzalez Coello, among others.

With the signing of the Miami Declaration, the Transatlantic Forum for a Free Cuba was inaugurated and the first commitments that legislators made were established, among which is that of “influencing the executive powers of their countries and institutions to denounce the illegitimacy of the Cuban regime whose system and representatives have never been freely chosen by the citizens and who support the Cuban people to regain their sovereignty … they cannot treat the representatives of the government in Cuba as their peers, but must demand, in each international forum, the right to democracy, multi-partyism and free elections for the Cuban people.”
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