Mass held in tribute to the Martyrs of Democracy

Proclamation: Day Of The Victims Of Communism In the Americas
17 October, 2019
Comunicado de la Dirección de la Unión Patriótica de Cuba, UNPACU, sobre la situación de José Daniel Ferrer García.
7 November, 2019

Important figures of Cuban exile attended a mass at the Hermitage of Charity in Miami to remember the memory of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero, who died after an accident that would have been caused by the Castro regime.

To commemorate the 7th anniversary of the deaths of Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, leader of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) and Harold Cepero, an activist of that group, occurred on July 22, 2012 in an incident that took place while traveling by car through the more eastern of the provinces of Cuba and whose cause, the island’s government has refused to clarify, the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy and the Cuba Decide platform, backed by volunteers and activists from around the world, launch a call to pay tribute to “all the victims of communism in Latin America.”

“This tribute that unites us in a claim for justice for all the fallen – explains the press release sent by Cuba Decide – will be held in different cities of the American hemisphere and Europe.

The initiative headed by Rosa María Payá, daughter of the founder of the MCL, also calls on institutions, public figures and civil society to establish July 22 as the Day of the Victims of Communism in America. «A day to honor the new Martyrs of Democracy».

Among other activities, the tribute to Payá and Cepero includes depositing floral offerings in squares of Cuba, also in the cities of Bilbao, Santiago de Chile, Santo Domingo, Panama City, Tegucigalpa, San Salvador, Mexico City, Amsterdam, New York and Miami

“Since the coming to power of allied regimes of Castroism in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, these nations have suffered the loss of human lives because of the repression exerted from the state. In the dramatic cases of Venezuela and Nicaragua, several media outlets, non-governmental organizations and international organizations such as the OAS General Secretariat have exposed and denounced the participation of agents in the service of the military dictatorship of the communist court in the repression against those countries siblings. We invite everyone, and especially the diasporas of these four nations to join and raise their voices for the 86 murdered in Bolivia since 2006; the 593 killed in Nicaragua since 2018, the more than 6,856 killed in Venezuela according to United Nations reports and the 7,730 killed in Cuba since 1959, ”the statement said.

Miami-Dade County also proclaimed July 22, Day of the Martyrs of Democracy in the Americas to remember Payá and Cepero and other “fallen” in the fight against communism in Cuba, Nicaragua and

The announcement was made during an event held on Sunday at the Cuban Memorial of Little Havana in Miami, attended by commissioners Esteban Bovo and Daniella Levine Cepero and representatives of the communities of Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans in South Florida .

Another tribute in the city of Miami will be a Mass on July 22 at 8:00 pm at the Hermitage of Charity.

Activities commemorating the death of Payá and Cepero, convened by CubaDecide and the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy have been promoted on social networks:

I am honored to be able to attend and give a proclamation in tribute to #OswaldoPaya, #HCepero, and the martyrs of democracy in Latin America. They will be remembered for their unwavering stance against the #Castro regime and their commitment to the #Cubano people. @ / TzmrpROtax— Commissioner Esteban Bovo (@CommBovo) July 21, 2019