Interview with Idania Chirinos

Meeting with Czech Minister Tomáš Petříček
15 October, 2019
Cuba Decide holds meetings with Central American authorities
16 October, 2019

In an interview with Idania Chirinos transmitted by NTN24, Rosa María Payá, promoter of Cuba Decide, denounced that the Cuban dictatorship has constituted an aggression against our region. Among other facts, she mentioned how:

It destroyed the Cuban economy
It has forced the whole Island to depend on Venezuelan oil
It destroyed the Venezuelan productive capacity
And now it has Díaz-Canel posting that Trump is to blame for the crisis in Cuba

Watch the interview:

Rosa María Payá, executive director of the PanAmerican Democracy Foundation, offered an interview to the NTN24 Afternoon program in which she talked about the measures that the Cuban regime will take to save fuel, a crisis that Díaz-Canel attributes to the sanctions of the U.S.

Source: NTN24