Cuba Decides in the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Cuba Decide en Países Bajos (Amsterdam)
22 January, 2019
Today the Cuban regime has launched a new wave of repression against peaceful civil activists on the Island
12 February, 2019

On December 14, 2018, the second national meeting of the Committee to support the Cuba Decide Movement was held in the Netherlands. The chosen meeting point was Casa Migrante de Amsterdam, an aid center for Spanish speakers whose mission is to cooperate with integration and contribute, so that people meet the objectives with which they arrived in the Netherlands; There would be no better place, when that goal is a common purpose: to achieve a change in Cuba, a transition to democracy and freedom for Cubans.

The committee, formed by Cuban emigrants from different regions of the island and organized by Víctor Manuel Dueñas, proudly received the leader of the citizens’ initiative, Rosa María Payá, who had been present, via Skype, at the first meeting of the Committee in last September.

He also attended the event, the representative and organizer of the Support Group for Cuba Decide in Spain, who would have the purpose of unifying and strengthening the movement in Europe.

Within the agenda, the activity of the group was highlighted in recent months, the disadvantaged and terse pronouncement of the Dutch authorities in the face of the critical situation on human rights in the Caribbean island, the main tasks to develop in the coming months and ratify the commitment to with the freedom of Cuba.

Each of the members had the opportunity to explain the reasons why they had joined the Movement to support Cuba Decide and to raise criteria, questions, anecdotes, etc. The event was very emotional, remembering different situations of the past and after telling different situations that, in the present, still put the life of the Cuban in danger, in misery and in discontent; something that commits them, even more, to an untiring struggle to detonate a near future that is properly chosen by the Cuban.

Rosa, immensely grateful to her fellow wrestlers, emphasized the meaning of the Cuba Decide initiative as a concept of happiness, love, freedom and democracy. In the same way, he was able to call each of them leaders of the movement, since Cuba Decide is a free alternative, which is not based on the image of a president or a boss, but rather on each Cuban, regardless of their political position. , religion or culture can assume it, as long as the vision of all is the same: a Cuba for all, without dictatorships and without guidelines.

A sample of this are these Cubans in Holland, where gay guys, heterosexuals, atheists, children of Shango, families, whites, blacks, young and old come together with a single purpose: Defeat the regime in a peaceful way, with good habits and for conviction.

The activist and human rights defender Franklyn Varela Delgado, who is also part of Cuba Decide, conducted a personal interview with Rosa María Payá. The main issues were: the achievements of Cuba Decide in 2018 and the goals to be met in the new year 2019 under pressure from the Cuban Government to submit the Cuban people to a new Constitution based on doctrines disguised as “reforms”.

Payá said that the main achievement this year is to have achieved growth in promoters of Cuba Decide, as is the case of support groups in the Netherlands and Spain, and above all, within the island of Cuba itself. And by 2019, then achieve the illegitimacy of the Cuban dictatorship, both within Cuba and in the international community.

The leader, Cuban, young, physicist, victim of the dictatorship, defender of human rights at all costs, sends a message to every Cuban and is never to surrender, is to react to your fears for the common good and all Cubans, and will be always present to fight for Cuba and support all those who are willing to decide their future and their happiness, with rights and principles.

Source: Andy M. Alemán Valenzuela @ and1_cuba1, Let’s talk about #Cuba