The Situation in Cuba: Urgent and Necessary Changes

Little to nothing has improved the situation in Cuba since the revolutionaries deposed Fulgencio Batista in 1959. In 62 years of the Castro dictatorship, Cubans standard of living of has deteriorated, the economy continues to decline and the totalitarian regime has persisted at the cost of the human rights and freedoms of the Cuban people.

For many years now, Cubans have not been able to alleviate the multiple struggles they face on a daily basis. The longstanding poverty and misery have increased across the island, and will remain standing as long as the Fidel Castro regime, his family, and the state intelligence apparatus continue to make decisions in all aspects of Cuban people’s lives. 

The ruins of buildings in Havana that have been frozen in time as well as the cars that pass through; men and women who, on many occasions, are forced to submit to prostitution as the only viable source of income; the lines to obtain basics such as food and hygienic products – these conditions demonstrate that the situation in Cuba today is hopeless. 

The prohibitions, the internet censorship, the lack of progress and opportunities to aspire to a better future and the scarcity of resources are further evidence that Cuba has been going through a humanitarian crisis for a long time; and this is the consequence of an authoritarian regime that acts without hesitation. It is not only a failed state that persecutes and murders dissidents who aspire to progress and freedom,  but also one of the most significant social fractures of the last 60 years, reflected by the more than 1.5 million Cubans who have emigrated around the world and in a collapsed economy, incapable of guaranteeing a dignified life for Cubans.

For Cuba to once again be a land of hope and opportunity, and for the situation in Cuba to improve, Cuba must be free. Cuba must leave the authoritative regime and the repressive apparatus that supports said regime. 

Cuba Decide promotes citizen participation in order to achieve a change in the system with the objective that we Cubans are free. Free to elect and be elected. Free to progress.

It is time for a change.

It is time for our right to have rights. 

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