Humanitarian Crisis in Cuba

Humanitarian crisis is an inevitable subject that arises when referring to Cuba. The infinite sum of crimes committed by the dictatorship are the main reasons why the country has been involved in a human rights catastrophe for several years. 

How can a regime that condemned an entire people to submission and poverty be sustained for a long time? The answer is simple: Cuba is a totalitarian state. 

More than 4,000 murders, extrajudicial or shot “legally”, in the name of the Revolution. Countless numbers of political prisoners, dissidents tortured, beatings, proscriptions, persecution of dissidents and so many other crimes against humanity that cannot be recounted in detail due to the lack of freedom of expression and political freedom. 

However, the regime and state terrorism are correlated with a collapsed economy and a society that has been fractured for decades. It is enough to walk along the Malecón and go inside a few blocks to see the decadence of Havana, a city stagnant in time. Not for purely tourist reasons, but because there are no tools to progress. Of course, buildings or old cars are the least of it. The shortage of products as basic as food or toiletries is a hallmark of the Dictatorship; lack of opportunities and economic distress explain the increase in people who are subjected to prostitution. These, and other structural problems, are evident through the successive economic crises that affront the island. 

A destroyed economy, a totalitarian state, corrupt leaders who force citizens to live as prisoners forced emigration upon thousands of dissidents who saw this as their only alternative. More than a million and a half Cubans fled from the humanitarian crisis, hidden from the intelligence apparatus, in search of freedom, dignity and opportunities. 

The humanitarian crisis in Cuba must end. This is the primary reason that the Cuba Decide platform promotes the transition towards democracy to allow a change in both the economic and political systems. This transition would allow Cubans to live in freedom and stop being victims of human rights violations, finally see a way out of the crisis that condemns them to poverty, and allow those of the diaspora to return to their home. 

From Cuba Decide we believe that Cuba can overcome the humanitarian crisis. And we need you.

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