How can I help the Cuban people?

Today Cuba faces a myriad of structural problems that make it difficult for Cuban people to live with dignity. They need help now more than ever.

The Cuban dictatorship continues, as do the constant violations of the human rights of citizens who peacefully fight for political and economic change – but this is not the only problem.

Cuba is not country simply stagnant in time and repression. In Cuba, there is a shortage of all kinds of goods — mainly food, medicine and cleaning products. Job opportunities are scarce and purchasing power is low. Economic difficulties result in poor diets and obtaining hygiene products is also cumbersome. The few food and cleaning products that Cuban families have access to are not enough to cover the entire month. 

These conditions trigger a quality of life that islanders to be increasingly lacking. The irrefutable proof of this catastrophe is shown by the million and a half Cubans who fled their country in search of political and economic conditions elsewhere that would allow them to progress.

Is there humanitarian aid for the Cuban people? Yes, there are various campaigns to send food, medicine and hygienic products. Likewise, donations can be made, the purpose of which is also to send food, medical supplies and personal hygiene items, which serve to help alleviate the misery in Cuba.

But they are not the only options. From Cuba Decide we also want to help our people who continue to fight against the dictatorship on the island. We promote the participation of citizens to achieve a change in the system with the objective that Cubans are free.

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