How can I help Cubans have access to internet in their mobile phones?

With your donation, we can recharge the mobile phones of our promoters on the Island, so that they continue to be in communication to tell the truth of what is happening in Cuba.

It is well known that the regime uses several technologies to block Internet access to specific individuals and geographic locations, in order to prevent the broadcasting of images about demonstrations or any other message questioning the government. For this reason, Cubans can spend up to a week with no internet service, without being able to communicate with their relatives or post on social networks.

In addition to preventing communication between Cubans on the Island as well as with their emigrated relatives, the internet shutdown provokes enormous uncertainty with regards to what is really happening in Cuba. For this reason, the possibility of counting with mobile recharges helps Cubans on the Island to spread the truth about the actions of the Cuban dictatorship.

Another mechanism used by the government is to slow down the connection speed, in order to restrain the flow of information (photos and videos) that circulates regarding social demonstrations, repression and arbitrary arrests.

Contribute now with your donation for mobile recharges so that the Cuban people can keep on fighting for their right to have rights!