The government of Cuba shifted from a one-man dictatorship under Fidel Castro and became the dictatorship of those appointed by Fidel Castro to succeed him. Today, the Castro family continues to be the power in Cuba, along with a group of generals. Cuba is governed by an intelligence apparatus; and it is this intelligence system of the Cuban State Security that makes the decisions, and at the top of that chain of command is the family of Fidel Castro.

The regime established by Fidel Castro strives to perpetuate itself through power and inhibits real change by implementing constant, arbitrary changes. Cubans no longer expect anything from the repressive powers that be. The main reason, the regime’s most important pillar, is due to fear.

 There are Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), spread throughout the island, which are responsible for informing the political and national police of any dissident attitude of the citizens. With this information, the different units of the regime proceed to neutralize them through repressive arbitrary acts such as threats, arrests, house searches, fabrication of crimes, acts of repudiation, imprisonment, beatings and even assassinations. Through these methods, fear is the ruling body. 

The dictatorship of Fidel Castro encourages ideological persecution, inflicts imminent threats and robs those who dream of a better life of hope through the permanent and blatant violation of human rights before the eyes of the world. 

Cuba needs us; to bring an end to the lies and the failure of Fidel Castro’s project. So that we spread and show the truth of the Cuban people.

Enough of the lies. Enough believing and sharing the manipulated statistics of the regime that fails to recognize its disaster.

Cuba Decide promotes citizen participation in order to achieve a change in the system with the objective that we Cubans may be free. Free to elect and be elected.

The people of Cuba are tired of the impunity with which the dictatorship exercises repression and violence against everyone who dares to express themselves. 

It is time for a change.

It is time for our right to have rights. 

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