Nonviolent efforts achieve end to police barricade

La lucha no violenta logra el fin del cerco policial
9 April, 2021
Cuba Decide promoters solicit international support for hunger strikers, yields success in dispersing police barricade
9 April, 2021

International solidarity and peaceful mobilization of Cubans force the withdrawal of the police who have been surrounding the UNPACU headquarters on the 21st day of the hunger strike.

“On the morning of April 9, two high-ranking officials of the Ministry of the Interior and the so-called Governor of the province, Beatriz Johnson, appeared in our neighborhood and lifted the barricade that they have maintained for 26 days against our National Headquarters. Several activists have already entered the facility without difficulty. If confirmed that this is not just a temporary order, this is a clear VICTORY against the perverseness of tyranny.” announced José Daniel Ferrer, today in joint transmission from the UNPACU and Cuba Decide digital platforms.

The activists that put their lives on the line are the true heroes of our days. This is a victory of solidarity over repression; the non-violent mobilization of Cubans on the island and in the diaspora, coupled with international solidarity, forced the apparent withdrawal of repressive forces. Cuban dictators have shown that they disrespect the lives of citizens and that they shamelessly lie in their international dialogues. But today it was also shown that the Cuban dictatorship reacts to pressure. We are very concerned about the health of all the strikers, who are the true heroes and are still in danger. The repression on the island continues, but we must continue to push forward,” noted Rosa María Payá.
The path forward — international actions of solidarity in conjunction with the mobilization of Cubans seeking a change of the system. We are deeply grateful to all Cubans who have taken action; to the Catholic and Protestant churches that stood in solidarity; to all opposition organizations on the island and in exile; and more than 75 human rights organizations and members of the media in the world, who kept in touch and demonstrated their solidarity. Thank you for the urgent proclamations of support from the OAS Secretary General, the European Parliament, the United States Department of State, doctors in the diaspora, and government officials from Latin America, the United States, and Europe. We encourage everyone to continue mobilizing. The state terrorism exercised by the Cuban regime will not end until we achieve the end of the Communist dictatorship and the transition towards democracy begins,” concluded Payá, from the Cuba Decide initiative.

The leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba clarified that: “In the face of this situation, we have decided to put an end to the hunger strike that has now reached its 21st day. We have asked those with most delicate health conditions to suspend the prolonged fasting. Those of us who are still strong will be attentive to the projection of the regime’s repressive forces, and once we can confirm that our activists and the people seeking our help can enter and leave without being victims of repression, the strike will conclude for all. Thank you to all the supporters and friends who have shown their solidarity during these difficult times.”