Rosa María Payá denounces intimidation of the Cuban regime at an event in Chile

Rosa María Payá denuncia intimidación del régimen cubano en evento en Chile
22 January, 2019
IDEA El Estado de la democracia en América Latina
22 January, 2019

In a message posted on her Twitter account, the Cuban opposition leader denounces that the island’s regime “arrives at the ridicule of sending its ambassador in #Chile to try to intimidate” the organizers of an event on democracy.

The Cuban opposition Rosa Maria Payá, executive director of the movement Cuba Decide and leader of the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy, denounced on Twitter that the Havana regime has carried out intimidation actions in Chile to prevent it from participating in a Faculty event Latin American Social Sciences, FLASCO.

Payá describes as “ridiculous” the behavior of the island’s ambassador in the South American nation, who sent a letter to FLASCO’s director in which he describes it as “a salaried employee of a foreign power” and a person who “practices mercenarism as a profession”.

“The regime of #LaHabana arrives at the ridicule of sending its ambassador in #Chile to try to intimidate the Dir of @FLASCOCHILEORG to prevent me from participating in the event: #EmoDemocracyAL organized by @Int_IDEA,” wrote Payá on the social network.

He also said that “the Cuban repressors” are “scared” and “afraid of the truth,” and he accompanied the tweet with the letter sent by the Cuban diplomat in Chile.

The text, signed by Jorge Lamadrid Mascaró, Cuba’s ambassador to Chile, affirms that the Cuban opposition “is dedicated to trying to slander dignified Cubans” and expresses its “strongest rejection of the Panel on case analysis of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Honduras “that was held this November 28 in the FLASCO.

One of the messages of support received by the Cuban opposition after posting her complaint on Twitter confirms Rosa María Payá that “Here in Chile, in our Rule of Law, nobody comes to intimidate us, least of all in our territory. We live in a Democracy. We are waiting for you, happy to welcome you again. As usual”.


Source: Diario Las Americas