Ex-Presidents of Latin America ask that the new president of Cuba be ignored

Ex mandatarios de América Latina piden que se desconozca a nuevo presidente de Cuba
21 enero, 2019
Rosa María Payá visita el Cono Sur
21 enero, 2019


A group of former Latin American presidents have asked the leaders who will participate in the VIII Summit of the Americas, to be held this week in Lima, to ignore the new government of Cuba, which will be formed on April 19.

From the Peruvian Congress, former Presidents Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, from Costa Rica, and Jorge Quiroga, from Bolivia, on behalf of the former heads of state and government that make up the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA), asked for this Wednesday at a press conference that «ignore the presidential elections convened by the Cuban dictatorship.»

They also asked «not to recognize as legitimate and supposedly elected the new delegates of the National Assembly, the new Council of State or its president, for not representing the popular will.» The declaration demands an end to government repression of opponents and the release of political prisoners.

The former leaders also supported the idea of ​​holding a mandatory plebiscite so that Cubans can hold «free, fair and plural elections,» an initiative promoted by the Cubadecide coalition, led by activist Rosa María Payá.

Bolivian Ex-President Jorge Quiroga: «Rosa María Payá has made the Cuban regime tremble»

LIMA.- The phrase of former President of Bolivia Jorge «Tuto» Quiroga is lapidary and does not require further explanation to understand its scope: «A young woman under 30, like Rosa María Payá, has shaken the Cuban regime» .

For Quiroga, who is a member of the Democratic Initiative of the Americas and Spain (IDEA), the daughter of the late opposition Oswaldo Payá, who died five years ago in circumstances still uncleared on the island, «has the dictatorship deporting ex-presidents.»

The Bolivian exmandatario thus referred to the deportation of which both he and his Colombian counterpart, former President Andrés Pastrana, were victims, as they were not admitted at the beginning of last March in Cuba when they were about to receive in Havana, from the hands of the opposition Rosa María Payá, an award on behalf of the IDEA group.

Quiroga, who served a short term as president of Bolivia, between 2001 and 2002, believes that the activist is «a faithful heir of the legacy of Oswaldo Payá», which he considers «a genius of democracy» for being the author of the campaign Cuba Decides, which proposes a plebiscite so that the Cuban people can define the way it should be governed.

Of the deceased Payá, the ex-leader of Bolivian State also pointed out that «some day I hope to put a flower in the grave to this iconic character, who was a democratic genius, because to make opposition in Venezuela is brave, but to do it in Cuba, he had to be deranged and heroically brave. »

Rosa María Payá, faced with the untimely death of her father, assumed the coordination of Cuba Decide, a movement that is characterized by promoting a political change on the Caribbean island through the peaceful mobilization of the population.

Payá, president of the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy, was recently interviewed by an «official» media on the island governed by Castroism, a fact that caused at least «strangeness» among the Cuban exile in Miami.

The young opposition has acquired a significant role for her work in favor of respect for democracy in Cuba, and there are those who think that her «friendship» with personalities such as the Cuban-American senator Marco Rubio, the OAS secretary general, Luis Almagro , and the former presidents of the IDEA group, has earned an increasing persecution from the dictatorship of Raúl Castro.

Former Costa Rican President Miguel Ángel Rodríguez said on Wednesday that the struggle undertaken by the late Oswaldo Payá, and today by his daughter Rosa María, «will soon have a favorable outcome for all Cubans.»

Rodríguez made a call to «not faint» in the pursuit of democracy through the «peaceful struggle», and exalted the role that the opposition Rosa Maria Payá, who accompanied the IDEA group in the presentation, has played in that regard. in Lima, a letter in which several former presidents asked not to recognize the results of the upcoming elections in Cuba and Venezuela.

The former president of Costa Rica said that «I’m not interested in what could happen with Raúl Castro, or with Nicolás Maduro; I am interested in what can happen with Cubans and Venezuelans, who can live in peace and freedom, who can see the future as free beings who struggle to have a better future. »

«When you see that there are people like Oswaldo Payá, who collected signatures for a consultation without violating the Cuban Constitution, in the midst of great difficulties, that gives reason to think that it is still possible to give the fight and that human rights can succeed», he said.

According to Havana, Oswaldo Payá died of a car accident in eastern Cuba on July 22, 2012, but his widow (Ofelia Acevedo) and her daughter believe that it was a «premeditated murder and orchestrated by the State Security of the island».

Source: Diario Las Americas, El Nuevo Herald