Illegal detentions in the Cuban Dictatorship

During the demonstrations on July 11, hundreds of Cubans were detained or went missing by the security forces of the Diaz-Canel communist dictatorship. Activists for change, journalists, and Cuban citizens in general (some of them, minors) with the right to demonstrate for their homeland, were arbitrarily stripped of their freedom under unfounded charges, such as “public disorder,” “contempt,” “instigation to commit a crime” and “resistance.”

It is estimated at least 1,000 detainees/missing and at least 500 are still in jail. They were tried illegally in collective trials, behind closed doors and with the sole testimony of the security forces. These “trials” are part of the terrorism carried out by the regime, with no respect for any principle of the rule of law. The causes were vague and unfounded, and the sentences are arbitrary.

The detainees have been harshly repressed and held incommunicado in dark cells and under terrible prison conditions. Many have been repeatedly subjected to tortures and physical abuses, such as not allowing them to drink water for long periods of time. Also to psychological abuse and they have been forced to shout “Long live Fidel!”

Faced with the resistance of the Cuban people against human rights violations, lack of freedoms, public health crisis and food shortages, the regime responds with more violence, censorship and repression. They deliberately use coercion and state terrorism to silence and make invisible all resistance and the struggle for freedom.

Despite the repressive practices of the regime, we continue to raise our voices, fighting for freedom and for the liberation of all the citizens detained/missing while defending our homeland.

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