Rosa María Payá Lima detained in Lima by «Interpol»

Rosa María Payá Lima detenida en Lima por “Interpol”
21 enero, 2019
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22 enero, 2019

Rosa María Payá attributes to the Cuban regime a retention she suffered in Lima.

The activist and promoter of the CubaDecide initiative, Rosa María Payá, denounced on Wednesday that she was detained for approximately one hour in an immigration control at the international airport in Lima, Peru, for a supposed order issued from Interpol and attributed to Security of the State of the Cuban regime.

«At the airport in Lima, I was finally detained in migrations, I was informed that ‘Interpol’ put an international alert under my name,» he wrote in a message shared on his social network Twitter.

Payá, also executive director of the Foundation for Pan American Democracy, suspects a mechanism that has only been put into effect when she traveled to Peru, since in other countries of the region she has visited recently, the same has not happened.

«O interpol does not work in Argentina or Chile or Uruguay or the Castro G2 intelligence apparatus and only controls Interpol-Peru,» he added in the same message.

An hour later, in another message on the same social network, Payá Acevedo reported that he was finally able to enter the Peruvian territory.

«They allow me to enter Peru after taking kindly the fingerprints of all the fingers, photos in all positions and photos of my pupils, nothing that the Castro State Security (G2) no longer had, distressed by the influence of the G2 in this beautiful Thank you for your solidarity, «he concluded.

The Cuban opposition last week presented Oswaldo Payá’s book La noche no será eterna, in which the late opposition leader calls attention to the need for support that the Cuban people require from the international community.

Payá was received at La Moneda by the Minister General Secretary of the Government of Chile, Cecilia Pérez Jara, who ratified President Sebastián Piñera’s commitment to advancing political rights, freedom of information, democracy and human rights for Cubans.


Source: Diario Las Americas