Diaz-Canel‘s Castroism increases political prisoners in Cuba

En el castrismo de Diaz-Canel aumentan los prisioneros políticos.
9 julio, 2018
Delivery of Public Leadership and Commitment Honor Medal to Rosa María Payá
10 julio, 2018

A wave of repression shakes the Island with the arrival of Diaz-Canel, in an effort to face the growth of the Cuba Decide Campaign among Cuban citizens.

Aymara Nieto mother of three girls remains in prison without charge, after a brutal beating. In the early hours of May 6 Aymara was assaulted at her house and beaten by of agents of the political police. Aymara is a promoter of the Cuba Decide Campaign and a member of UNPACU and the Ladies in White movements. Two of her companions, the ladies, Yolanda Santana and Nieves Matamoros have been sentenced to prison by the dictatorship.

Ismael Boris Reñí, husband of Aymara, was kidnapped in his house on April 29 after an arbitrary search and they keep him kidnapped in the prison of Valle Grande, threatening to accuse him of «contempt». Ismael is a UNPACU member and promoter of Cuba Decide.

On June 30, Las Tunas arbitrarily arrested and sentenced Eliecer Góngora Izaguirre, 37, a young promoter of Cuba Decide and member of the opposition organization UNPACU, to 6 months in prison. With him, there are 55 political prisoners belonging to this organization and more than 120 the documented number of prisoners of conscience at this moment on the Island.